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SpeakingHouse Warranty Policy

  • 2018-01-12 12:26:23

1.SpeakingHouse provide 12 months warranty for all the electronic parts including the main board, driver board, control board, motor, etc. (Except for the man-made factors) But there

is no warranty for wearing parts like ink pump, print head, and CISS. Since they are consumables.

2.Due to the machine in the application must use a special ink, for print head only guarantee good condition when buying. After using the ink ,the nozzle blocking,

pumps and accessories get corrosive , or the main board burned when cleaning nozzle in a wrong way, they are not within the scope of free warranty.

3.After receiving the goods ,please read the user manual carefully ( so that you are familiar with the  product parts name ) then we can communicate more easily when

you come across problems.

4.If you do not know some details or you have some problems, please contact with us in time , do not dismantle the machine by yourself. If you dismantle it before contact with us , you will bear the risk of dismantle the machine.



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