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When you want to print one media , Click print in the computer , the feed paper button light blink

When the printer do the self-inspection, pls do not press other button in the control panel until the on/off button light become green light . (Solid on )

Ensure that the platform completely return to its initial place (The printer head stay in front completely )   

Cancel all printing task in the computer and restart to the printer again

It should press RUN button then you can click print in the computer for each printing based on Inter-jet210D,Iner-jet210E model printer 



When printing, the printer works normally but doesn’t spray ink.

Whether the printer head is miss color pure or plugged.
Whether the vent of external bottle is open? The correct should be open.
The cleaning unit is not well sealed, appear air leak phenomenon. As a result that the can’t make the printer is fulled with ink.
The printer or main board are damaged.


The printed image stripe is very bad or the effect is inconspicuous:

1.Check the printing nozzle to see if the picture is missing color pure, do the cleaning if it do missing color pure. Make sure it can print the intact testing color strip,.
2.Look over whether the various parameters of printing setting are suitable in the computer, and setup again correctly.


During the printing, printer stops working suddenly:

Check whether the USB cable is poor contact.
Check whether the computer is interfered or corroded by virus.
Turn off the printer and restart it.

When the printing is finished, the printer head walk out totally. After the carriage unit return from the left side, the ink indicator light and feed paper indicator light normally on

Please check whether the length of printing image is bigger than the located size of paper.The sliding components of cleaning unit has accumulated discarded ink, adding the resistance.

The output image is smudge
Whether the printer head is miss color pure or plugged 
Whether the original image is clear.( High Resolution).
Whether the printer output set up choose the suitable option.
Whether the printing materials are absorbent.
Whether the distance between the printer and the surface of the printing product has been adjusted the suitable place.

After starting, Ink Light  and feed paper Light of control panel flashing alternatively.

The data of ink-jet numeration that controlled by printer has fulled, which is needed to clear the data. Please contact the technicians of our company. Or you can carry out the zero clearing via our clear zero software in the CD .


After starting, Ink Light  and feed paper Light  of control panel flashing simultaneously.

Before starting the  on/off button, the platform doesn’t enter in place(move back forward  last place). Please press the forward button, making the platform entering totally then restart the printer.

Please turn off the printer and delete the not printed files in the computer, then restart the printer.

Please use the clean bathroom tissue to wipe the raster strip and round raster slice in the side of the motor where paper throw then restart the printer.

Press the on/off button , this indicator does not have demonstration but the printer can do the self-inspection

 Please check whether the connecting round cable in the back of the press key

panle is loose. 

Please check whether the connecting compressed round cable between the printer
main board and square pinboard is disconnected or loosed.

The mainboard of printer is damaged.


 When starting the printer, after the carriage unit moved and returned, in the process of self-check ink pumping, the cleaning pump unit will click, then ink light and paper light normally on, the computer report general error;

Please clean the spindle under the screed of pump unit, the discarded ink that accumulate will hinder the proper motion of turning gears or add resistance result in the click phenomenon.

Please clean the raster strip and the sensor of raster strip.

The cleaning unit is damaged, please change the cleaning unit.

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