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How to do print head cleaning by computer and do it manualy

  • 2015-01-15 07:58:32

The print head cleaning and Maintenance of printing head


Notice: The purpose of nozzle checking and print head cleaning is to check all color ink can print well and keep the ink system work well. So please make nozzle before printing every day.


1.    Turn on the flatbed printer until the on/off button light become SOLID on and press Backward button ,the platform will move to end completely

2.    Cover the platform with one A4 size paper

3.    Press Forward button , the platform move to front completely

4.    Press up or down button to adjust the distance between print head and platform about 2mm to avoid clash between print head and the platform

5.    Connect USB cable with computer

6.    Nozzle checking and print head cleaning

Click start button on lower corner of computer ----click equipment and printer---Choose Epson stylus phone R200 or R220 and click right button of mouse ----click property of printer ----click preference ---click maintenance Click head cleaning ,until the ink into the waster bottle during cleaning, put one paper on the platform   Pls refer to Fig 9.


1.    Then click Nozzle check

Print nozzle check line , to see whether the line complete , as shown it has broken line in second row, click head cleaning again until the line can print completely as   shown in first low Fig10 


1.    If all ink color are not breakpoints then we can print

When the printing head missing color or is blocked up after you carrying out the print head cleaning via computer 1-2times , the ink color still is breakpoints

First to check whether the external ink offering bottle, ink pipeline and cartridges are out of ink.

Using the syringe connected with discarded ink tube to pump 2-3ML ink from the ink waste bottle place, and then do the printing test. (When pumping ink find the cleaning unit has the air leak phenomenon, then need to change the cleaning unit.)

If it still can’t be solved, please clean the nozzle manually.

The manual cleaning operations

Step 01: Decline the platform about 10 cm away from the nozzle bottom.

Step 02: Pay attention that the print head should be back, then click the INK button and the carriage will from the right side and stop at the position about 3cm to its home position. Then move it by hands to the middle.

Step03: then turn off the power directly

Step 04: take out the cartridge which corresponding with the jammed gently

Step 05: Fill the syringe with the cleaning liquid, connect the soft tube onto the ink cartidge holder. ((do not need to dismantle the nozzle) Please put a discarded ink container under the nozzle to avoid the discarded ink flow out and pollute the machine )  

Push the piston SOFTLY until cleaning liquid flows out as strings. When pushing the syringe please do not use the great strength ( the big pressure will damage the printer ) 


Notice: If some of the holders make higher pressure during pushing the piston, you’d better clean it again 10minutes later, and repeat it until pressure becomes lower.


·         When do the cleaning by using the printer’s automatic cleaning tool, the continuous cleaning times should no more than twice..

·         If the cleaning unit(nozzle Moistening device) can’t be sealed with the nozzle bottomwill directly affect the nozzle’s intact ink-jet. You need to change the fitting. (Acessories)

·         When using the manual cleaning nozzle,be sure not to spatter liquid in circuit and fittings of signal transmission.

·         When the manual cleaning time is long, after cleaning the nozzle, please push the cleaner completely out of the nozzle and make it dry. Otherwise the  important parts of machine will be damaged after start the printer.

·         After the manual nozzle is cleaned, please completely dipping the cleaner at the bottom of nozzle with clean napkin, then push Carriage Unit to the previous position. Lest the rudimental cleaner corrodes the rubber ring of cleaning unit.

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