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How to set the position with template when we printing

  • 2015-01-15 07:56:19

How to set the position with template when we printing
(just take example based on 210D1 printer ,if it has coffee cup mould installed in the machine )

Now, Please follow me!

1.      Make sure the printer is normally turned on
Open the printer and detect the machine, make sure it can work normally.

 2.      Press backward button and the printer head move to back completely ,prepare

the coffee that will be printed and put on the holder

3.      Adjust the height between the printing coffee and its print head, it is better keep

 coffee cup on the same height with the limited place ,pls refer to figure following


1. The coffee holder (platform ) 2.Height Limited position ( the printing media will be the same height with this limited position ) 3. The white bar is detection line , the surface of this line cannot change or dirty 


4 After you prepared the coffee cup , press Forward button , let the printer head move to front completely


If you do not have coffee holder ,pls adjust the printing height with following figure


5. We can find the “update 8.5cm diameter coffee cup  holder” with psd format file in the CD or I can send it to you via email .


6. Input “ update 8.5cm diameter coffee cup holder”  to the photoshop software.


7. Imput the artwork into this template which you will print


8. Setting the parameter in the computer

9. Everthing is ok! We can print it.


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