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About install the CISS for Flatbed Printer

  • 2015-01-15 07:55:37

Filling ink into the ink bottles.

1)    Take out all the rubber holders from the ink bottles. and suck the inks for the ink bottles into the syringe, and then fill the ink into the ink bottles through the holes. Each syringe is for each color. Keep filling inks until the ink levels which reaches around 50% of the capacity of each ink bottle.

2We have put all color ink into the ink bottle ,but the continous ink supply system still can’t be used, we need to make the whole ink system filling ink.

A: Put the connector of the syringe totally into the cartridge hole until we can not put inside more.
B: The syringes can not be mixed for colors. Each syringe is for each color.
C:We should keep sucking until we can some inks into the syringe a little.
D: t the syringe can be pumped upwards but can’t be pushed downwards.


3) Put the Cartridges back to the carriage and try to press the front of the cartridges as showed in the next picture until we can hear CLICK sound from each cartridges.


4) Move the head manually by hands to its home position(In the right side of the machine).

5)Arranged the tube well (do not too loose or tight, you can move the cartridge unit sliding back and forth by hand to feel whether is smooth) 


6)Pls pay attention to that the outside tank should keep the same level with the printer head , do not put the tank to higher the printer head , if yes , the ink will flow out from the print head 


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