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Check the mahine before refilling the ink for 210D1

  • 2015-01-15 07:55:16

Check the machine before refilling the ink 


Let’s turn it on without any ink to see if the machine is ready to work for us!
1. Connect the power cable. Make sure it is your standard 220V or 110V.
2. Open the general switch and the indicator of the power on the control panel will be ON

3.Press the UP/DOWN/FORWARD/ BACKWARD buttons now to see the platform whether can moving or up/down

4.Press DOWN button. Until it comes down to about 3cm.

5. Keep the printer head in the front completely ( you can press forward button , let the printer head move to from completely ) pls refer to following picture


6.Now press the on/off  button for the printer on the control panel. The printing system will start its initialization.. The POWER light will be flashing….The head will move from the right to the left, left to the right. And then the head will stop moving anymore and the POWER light should be SOLID ON.(During this process , pls do not press any button )


7. After the printer on, the on/off button is Solid on and only one ink button is red, the paper feed button does not blink, that means the machine is normal, then you can install the ink

8. After the printer on, the ink button and paper feed button are blinking simultaneously , that means the printer is unnormal, pls do not install the ink and contact with us.

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