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How to choice DGT printer and UV printer with the right ink solution

  • 2019-08-26 10:46:28

Now there is different flatbed printer with different  ink . Here we would like to instroduce how to choice the right flatbed printer with the right ink solution .


For choice the right flatbed printer, we must know what kind of product you will print?

1.    If you want to print t-shirt, we suggest you choice DGT printer with textile ink. With white textile ink solution, you can print both light and dark t shirt .

we suggest you speaking house hot selling a3 dgt printer 330C .

pls check it as following link.



2.    If you want to print phone case, plastic card , USB ,CD ,bottle etc, we suggest you uv printer with uv ink . This is the most popular solution .

our hottest uv printer is the following.


With white uv ink , this solution has the following advantage.

(1). white uv ink available,dark and transparent materials can be printed.

(2). with 3D embossed effect if you want.

(3). With led uv light, the uv ink dry immediately as soon as print

(4) .For most material you can print directly without coating except metal,glass,stone material.


3. if you want to pirnt both t shirt and phone case, card, bottle etc ,

we suggest you use uv printer with soft uv ink solution .

but this solution is only for light color t shirt printing, for dark t shirt, we must use textile ink . but we do not suggest our clients use different ink for one same printer. It is bad for print head.


we can make different   jig according to your products, such as pen, card, bottle etc ..

Any question,welcome to send us email multi@multiflatbedprinter.com 

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