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APsound is a wooden box production, processing, unit research and development, production, sale, finished product research and development, production, sale, performance, leasing four plates in an integrated company.
APsound people always believe that the person who pushes the enterprise forward is the product man! Our team core research and Development Engineer (Xiao Gong), more than 10 years of work, has always focused on the box structure, monomer, finished product research and development.
Application Engineer (Song Gong) has been in the field for more than ten years, and has rich experience in large-scale performances. More than ten years of accumulation of technology and a large number of application experience, coupled with the world's most advanced testing equipment Kieppel, monomer, do all aspects of product testing, and research and development in middle Clio testing system, the top YAMAHA digital radio, to ensure product accuracy, consistency, continuity! It also gives APsound the strength to compete in the industry's brutal competition!
APsound core competitiveness and unique advantages is cost-effective, technologically advanced, safe and durable, has become the industry's most competitive products! We started late, but developed rapidly. We have performed many large-scale performances in major theaters and Gymnasiums in Guangdong, and have received high praise both at home and abroad! We also made zero damage at the same time!
In 2016, we made great efforts to promote the global market! Looking forward to cooperate with you to create brilliant!

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