Model:H3360UV 3360 UV printer with dual printhead

Configured with dual XP600 print head ,in full steel casting framework,imported electronic components. This printer provides preciseness printing to maximize efficiency ,step into a perio of ultra-high speed uv printing .We offer it with the following advantage.  

  1. Auto height IR senor .Smartly detect the distance between media and print head. 0-23cm height is adjustable automatically.

  2. White ink circulation system . Increase the white ink circulation system, so that white ink in the process of precipitation problems, through the ink circling system to solve such problems, thereby extending the life of the nozzle.

  3. Industrial stepping motor.High performance industrial motor provide excellent control of the X and Y movement of the shuttle.                                                   

  4. Liner motion Bearing . Dula liner motion bearing provides ultra-stable environments at super speed precise printing.                                                                               

  5. Water cooling system. The water-cooled UV light can adjust the intensity of light UV, light solid better .                                     

  6. Long life of Led lamp .Led lamp has a long life of 25000-30000 hours, while the domestic mercury lamp is 300 hours, imports of mercury lamps for 1200 hours.

  7. High  performance drage chain. Suitable for high-speed movement,reduce wire rod wear and prolong wire rod lifetime,reduce drag china noise.     

  8. Automatic print head wipe and keep wet system. Automatic flushing when power on and keep wet when off. Just for prevent print head clog during idle and after printing.

  9. Cylindrical holder .Support digital UV printing on cylindrical material. 

Printer   modelH3060UVII
PrintheadDual Epson   XP600 
Ink   color K/C/M/Y/W ,   K/C/M/Y/W/LC/LM/V (optional)
Printing acuracy4PASS,8PASS,16PASS,32PASS
Printing   size330mm X 600mm
Printing speed 8PASS,3~5square   meter/hour
Printing   height0-170   mm 
UV lamp   power100W,   adjustable
Ink   consumption 1square   metre/20ml
Printing  mediaApplicate for   plane materials ( plastic,  leather,   glass, metal, wood, film, etc.)
Optional   softwareMain   Top,UltraPrint ,NeoStampa
Cooling   systemwater cooling   system 
Power   supplyAC100V/230V   50-60HZ
Operating   SystemsWindows   system
Operating   environment Temperature:20   ° to 30 ° ,humidity :20% to 80%
Printer DimensionsL920*W800*H700mm,65kgs
Package   dimensionsL1040*W900*L900mm,105kgs



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Model:H3360UV  3360 UV printer with dual printhead
Model:H3360UV 3360 UV printer with dual printhead

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